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What Would You Do with More Time?

What would you do if you had more time?

Like a long weekend - every weekend?

How would you use that time? Would you work on the house? Spend time with your kids, grandkids, old friends? Read more? Learn a language?

Or just relax from the old work-five-days-a-week stress?

What if you had a week or even a month "extra" time? Would you travel? Whereto? Or remodel your house?

At least we dream...

If we think deep enough, almost all of us have some sort of a dream - something that we love to imagine ourselves doing, something that makes us feel really happy. But that something we also tend to put off because of lack of time for it.

And life continues. Yes - somehow, it’s just never the right time for it...

My close call was my wake-up call

Some years ago, after coming very close to a total burnout (because of a stressful job situation), I was able to work a four-day week for a period of five months. Those five months changed my life. Because during that time I tasted freedom. And I came to realize something that I had been repressing for so long - my strong desire to be in charge of my time, of my life. To not be "locked in" to regular work hours. To be able to work where and when it suits me best.

I realized I had to get a lifestyle of freedom.

Freedom lifestyle

A couple of years later I broke free. Launched out to build my own business and my new life.

Now, my quality of life, my lifestyle, is so much better. I can "carpe diem", seize the day, e.g. enjoy outdoors activities in the morning and work later in the day.

What would you do?

What would you do if you had more time? Not just one day or a few days, but every day? What is your dream? Sometimes just answering this question can provide the nudge that we need to go and actually make more time for ourselves.

Drop me a line here (or in the Comments section below) and let me know what you would do with more time. What you dream about doing.

Now you know something I love doing

I’m almost certain that your answer is quite different from what I have been up to several days this winter.

The video above shows something I just love doing - skating on the sea and lakes. It gives me a wonderful sense of freedom, it keeps me in good shape, and I get to enjoy the beauty of nature around here. It requires good weather and the right ice conditions.

Which means I need to be ready to go when the opportunity arises. And because of my "freedom lifestyle" from having an online business, that is now possible for me. 

You, too, can have a better life, a freedom lifestyle. It is not beyond reach. It's not too late, you are not too old, you CAN learn what it takes. Find inspiration and information on this website.














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