How to Skate on Thin Ice – Like Starting Your Own Business -

How to Skate on Thin Ice – Like Starting Your Own Business

By clas

Starting Your Own Business - Like Skating on Thin Ice

Skating on a frozen lake or seawater can be an in amazing experience. But it is not without risks. Kind of like starting your own business.

How To Prepare

How do you prepare to get the best outcome for your business venture, with minimum risks? Here are some thoughts, based on my first skating experience of this winter season, which happened a few days ago.

Prepare, practise to get in shape

Prepare, practise to get in shape. During the last several weeks, I have been skating many times at a sports stadium in order to get my legs, my back, and my general condition ready. Likewise with business, you need to first learn the basics and then practise, practise, practise.

Be On the Lookout For the Right Conditions

When prepared, be on the lookout for the right conditions, so you can act when the opportunity presents itself. I was following reports about ice conditions on different lakes daily and hourly after the temperature crept below zero.

Be Equipped to Handle Adverse Circumstances

Be well equipped to handle adverse circumstances, i.e. risks. For skating on lakes that means having a big ice pick to test the thickness of the ice, a couple of small ice picks (hanging around your neck) to be able to get out of the water in case you fall through the ice, and a backpack with a lifeline and a set of extra clothes well protected in double plastic bags.

Don't Risk All That You Have

For business, don't risk money you cannot afford to lose. When skating, don't take riks that may cost you your life. I had seen reports about a small nearby lake. I went to check it out and found the ice to be dangerously thin and no one else skating. I was very tempted to try it because it looked so beautiful. But I realized that getting out there alone on thin ice was too big of a risk. So I didn't.


Working together with someone else, or having a few people to bounce off ideas with, will increase your capacity and enjoyment. And reduce risks. So be sure to have some kind of community to support your venture. For me, after leaving the too risky lake the other day, I went on to another lake I had seen good reports about. On the way there, I called a friend and asked him to join me. We agreed that if we saw others out on the lake, we would get out there, too. Together, and properly equipped.

Enjoy the Ride - While Being Watchful!

As the ice was only a few days old, we still had to carefully watch where we were going and we tried the ice wherever it looked suspicious. Having found the right conditions, being well prepared physically and with the right equipment, we got an amazing day out on that lake! Beautiful weather and perfect ice conditions!

See the photo above, which my friend took of me. Maybe you can sense the freedom I felt at that moment. Like walking on water. Or like having your own business.

I am grateful that, having my own business, I am free to act whenever the skating conditions happen to be just right. Regardless of time of day or which day of the week it is.

You can create that time freedom, too!​