Have you lost your motivation? -

Have you lost your motivation?

By clas

Here It Is!

Have you run out of power, lost your drive? Do you feel you need something to inspire you to move forward with your plans? Here is a book that will help you find your motivation again!

The Motivation Manifesto

One of the books that I like to go back to every now and then is The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard. Because it helps me to get going again if I have lost my energy or direction. It puts me back on track and generates motivation.

The Motivation Manifesto has two sections.

  1. In Section One of the book the author talks about human nature by addressing freedom, fear and motivation. He says that virtually every decision we make and practically everything we say, is with a purpose of reaching a higher degree of freedom. And whenever we have a decision to make, either fear or freedom will win out.
  2. Inspired by the US Declaration of Independence, Section Two of the book lists the 9 Declarations of power and freedom. The purpose is to give us, the readers, that reason for going after our goals, our purpose in life, with a newfound drive.

It Works! 

And it works! The book is an easy read and very inspiring.

I got the book for free and paid only $7 for shipping. I believe that offer is still on here.

You can also get the it as an audiobook at audible.com.

Get it for yourself or for someone dear to you. It will inspire you to a great start for the new year.