5 Questions to Help You Be the Pilot of Your Time -

5 Questions to Help You Be the Pilot of Your Time

By clas

In the last post I said that time flies and you are the pilot. How, then, do you want your time to fly?

There are many important things in life. And many not so important things that tend to take our attention.

5 Questions

How to find time for the things that really matter to you? Here are 5 questions to help you free up time for those really important things. Ask yourself:

1. What are the 3 most important priorities in my life right now?

If you don’t have a clear focus on what is most important in your life, you very easily spend too much time and energy on things that aren’t really that important to you.

So, remind yourself every day of what is truly most important to you.

2. What are the 1-3 most common distractions that keep me from doing my work in a focused way?

How can you prevent those things from distracting you? It could be by:

  • Shutting the door to your office.
  • Putting your phone in silent mode.
  • Turning off notifications for your email or instant messaging app.

3. What are the 1-3 most common distractions that keep me from having quality time with the people closest to me?

Could it be your smart phone, TV-shows, or that you bring your work home?Determine to reduce or eliminate those distractions.

4. What is one healthy limit I can start setting in my life this week?

One of the smarter ways to simplify your life and free up time is to set limits.
Here are some areas where you can set powerful and healthy limits:

  • Your daily input. Reduce your number of blogs, newsletters, magazines, podcasts, TV-shows etc. Only keep those that are truly valuable to you.
  • Email. Just check and process your email during one chunk of time per day instead of checking it several times each day.
  • Social activities. Make a list of the social activities you are involved in after work. Maybe you want to rearrange your priorities a bit to focus on something else in 2017.

5. Are there any unused or misused slots of time during my regular day?

For example, how do you use daily travel time or waiting-time? If you add up all such time available to you in 2017, how would you best want to use that? Maybe to educate yourself by reading books or listening to audio books or podcasts. Even just 10-20 minutes of daily commuting time add up to many hours in a year.